Aftermarket Parts

Aftermarket Parts

The Case of the Damaged Auto Parts

IQpack makes improvements to a pack and reduces costs through collaboration and Lean Six Sigma process.

The Problem

A large, tier-two automotive manufacturer of metal moldings had significant damage, storage, and handling issues, along with mounting claims and customer complaints with their bulk container for window moldings. The double-wall container was weak and could not be stacked more than two-high in the warehouse, consuming precious floor space. It also would not ship effectively stacked two-high without a potential collapse in truckload shipments to their customers in the U.S. & Mexico. Finally, there was an expensive, laminated custom wood structure inside the pack to support the products, but it provided zero value for stack strength.

crushed box example

The Solution

IQpack began by establishing the operation’s requirements and goals for storing, handling, and shipping aftermarket auto parts. The data led us to a recommendation and testing of 900# triple wall corrugated board. The board included die-cut slits in the sides, allowing wooden boards to act as hangers, which supported the products inside. They were designed to lock into place and to be installed and removed with ease. This solution eliminated 84% of the corrugated in the bottom of the container, as it provided no value.

properly structured and braced suspension packaging with covering

The Outcome

The operation saw over $200,000 a year in annual material savings as well as reduced lead-time in ordering packaging.

Damage reduced by over 90%
Pack material weight was reduced by almost 35%
Floor space utilization was improved by 84%
End of life (recycling) labor was reduced by 30%
properly structured and braced suspension packaging


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