About IQpack

About IQpack

IQpack deliversdimensionalization strategies across operations, ultimately to reduce transportation cost – often dramatically. 

Using packchain software, we start by cleaning the Item Master, then optimize cartonization, and finally improve the e2e packaging process – all with the goal of reducing cubes in transportation and supporting your transportation group with accurate dimensional data.   

 Your operation is monitored by packchain software, which receives data from automated packaging machinery, WMS, and shipping portals. Packchain utilizes IoT and advanced algorithms to analyze the impact of packaging on materials use, labor/throughput, transportation cost, and sustainability.  IQpack focuses on reducing dimensional and package accessorial costs and ensures that the carriers measure the packages properly and at the right cube. Residing in the cloud, packchain is designed to manage terabytes of information at high speed, with algorithms that data mine and generate KPIs. 

 IQpack customers are assigned a customer care manager and supply chain analyst who work as a team to provide inventory monitoring, predictive analytics on machinery, throughput metrics, and deep-dive transportation analysis, which is reviewed with the customer during regularly scheduled meetings. The packchain application provides a collaborative platform for managing continuous improvement projects and quantitative data visualizations that identify actionable data and trends.  

Welcome to the Digital Supply Chain

 Our Guiding Principlesprovide a True North for IQpack engagements and define our approach to problem-solving and system design. 

  1. We believe in management. Problems are solvable and achievable. Opportunities, and effective change management is within reach.  
  2. An enterprise approach is best, even if the scope of work is local. 
  3. A successful engagement transcends meeting the target ROI for the project – operational excellence should also be the goal.  
  4. Focus on actionable data — not interesting data. 
  5. Fix what’s broken – but also improve processes that are working well. Often the most powerful profitability lever is the optimization of processes that aren’t broken. 
  6. Evidence isn’t proof; correlation is not causation; conventional wisdom is often wrong; analytical fallacies early in a project can derail outcomes later. 
  7. The client is the ultimate arbiter of truth in their organization. We’ll never know as much about your operations as you do.