About IQpack

About IQpack

Founded in New Albany, Indiana in 2013, IQpack was created with the expressed purpose of disrupting the packaging industry by introducing a performance-driven model called Packaging-as-a-Service (PaaS), which drives measurable and sustainable results across your enterprise.

We create a wide range of efficiencies throughout your entire supply chain by following a model that capitalizes on cutting-edge, neutral, and impartial packaging solutions combined with proprietary business intelligence tools.

Guided by seasoned leaders of the packaging and global operations industries, our team of best-in-class packaging, logistics, and data analytics experts have a genuine passion to live our core values of integrity, innovation, customer focus, community, and family.

We work together to prove that packaging is more than just a commodity — it is the common thread used to make a substantial impact on your total supply chain cost.

Ken Rohleder


Ken recently joined the leadership team as IQpack’s President.  He has over 25 years of packaging, supply chain, and system integration experience. He was an early innovator of on-demand packaging as a solution for high-mix Lean manufacturing, and for cube reduction in e-commerce applications.

Most recently, Ken led the ERP implementation at MHS Global, a $1b system integrator in the parcel space. At MHS, Ken led the development of an ultra-high speed sortation system and managed $100m of system design, engineering, and field installation projects. Previous to MHS, Ken was an owner of Packsize where he served as EVP and a member of the board of directors. Ken was President of Rohleder Group, a supply chain management consultancy focused on strategic packaging solutions for large companies such as Hershey Foods, Kimball International, Elkay and Interstate Resources.

Ken lives in the Louisville Highlands with his wife Jenn. His interests include art, woodworking and alpine sports.

Doug Jones

Co-founder, EVP

Doug serves as Co-founder, as well as Executive Vice President at IQpack. In those roles, he’s responsible for accelerating the growth and strategic execution of the company’s suite of products and services, which provide innovative solutions for e-commerce, 3PL, and manufacturers across the United States.

Doug is an alumnus of Indiana University and holds a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt. Prior to joining the IQpack team, Doug was Head of Operations for a global, Top 100, third party logistics (3PL) company in the United States. Most recently, he served as Senior Vice President of Global Operations for a major online retail brand. Doug brings a wealth of industry experience, driving significant year-over-year results in the e-commerce, 3PL and manufacturing sectors as a C-suite executive.

Doug is happily married to Lisa and has four children and two dogs. He is an avid Indiana Hoosiers basketball fan, Notre Dame Fighting Irish football fan, he enjoys cycling and loves the outdoors.

John Moore

Co-founder and SVP, Packaging

John is responsible for company efforts to drive value and differentiation in packaging for fulfillment, e-commerce, and manufacturing customers. He has 25 years of packaging leadership experience and has served at the helm of IQpack since early 2013.

John’s years of packaging experience led him to start PLS, which evolved to IQpack. Most notably, IQpack’s genesis was the result of John’s desire to inject data analytics and construct a performance-based Packaging-as-a-Service (PaaS) business model that brings long term sustainable, measurable solutions and cost savings to customers. He oversees the vision, go-to-market, and packaging solutions strategy for the company.

John is very passionate about what he does and thoroughly enjoys helping customers compete and thrive in this global economy. He also gets a lot of enjoyment in seeing others in the organization rise to the occasion and do what they are passionate about too. His goal is to make sure the stakeholders in the company have the tools and resources they need to accomplish their goals – then get out of their way! John stated “Always hire up with people smarter than you and give them autonomy to run the business. I believe the sky is the limit for our people and for our organization.” He is also a major advocate to create a culture that inspires integrity, passion, performance, family, and community.

John is happily married to Terri and has one son Dustin and one granddaughter Ava Grae Moore who affectionately calls him Papa. He is also an avid cyclist, walker, and outdoorsman.

Tytus Wilson

Director of Supply Chain Analytics

Tytus serves as Director of Supply Chain Analytics at IQpack. In his role, Tytus is responsible for overseeing customer analytics, leading strategic technology improvements for PACKCHAIN, and mentoring the team on a continually changing analytical landscape.

Tytus is an alumnus of Johnson University and holds a bachelor’s degree in Counseling and Psychology. Since college, Tytus spent his career founding and scaling several startup businesses. Most recently he founded Fix Your Gut LLC, the definitive guide to digestive health. He has spent the last five years working for Bulletproof 360 as a leader in Operations, scaling an online-only business into a global CPG brand found in major retailers. During that time, Tytus implemented real-time inventory and order management dashboards, EDI implementation for retailers, customer care help center design launches, and customer analytical dashboards.

Tytus is driven by IQpack’s mission for packaging sustainability and efficiency. His guiding principle continues to be “the truth is closest to the work.” Tytus is passionate about team building and using analytics to understand the driving factors behind customer pain points, so he can provide solutions leading to optimal efficiencies.

Terri Moore

Director, Business Administration

Terri is an equity partner and is involved in many corporate administrative functions for IQPack. She supports account management, operations, and customer service. Terri has a distinctive understanding of the IQPack business model and plays an important role behind the scenes to assist in the delivery of our solutions.

Terri has many years of experience in senior leadership positions within the financial and marketing industries. Her passion is focused on ensuring that customer needs are met, and she always goes “the extra mile” to promote a best in class customer experience.

Terri is an avid outdoorswoman and enjoys her newest hobby kayaking, and being with family and friends.

Rex Davidson


Rex serves as IQpack’s Controller and manages financial reporting,compliance,and investment initiatives for the Company. He has been with the company since 2013.

Rex has a bachelor’s degree from Indiana University and is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Prior to joining the IQpack team, Rex spent 13 years as President of a small tax, accounting, wealth management, and consulting practice in Southern Indiana. Rex is also an Investment Advisor and has 12 years experience managing compliance objectives for a large organization with $750 million in invested assets.

Rex is married to his best friend, Anne, and has three boys. Rex loves the outdoors, sports, and is an avid University of Kentucky fan.