About IQpack

About IQpack

From humble beginnings in 2013, the original company – Packaging and Logistics Solutions “PLS” – quickly emerged as a leader in providing packaging & supply chain consulting and the sale of packaging products & automation. In 2014, the company was asked to join the prestigious Conexus Indiana Logistics Council. 

In 2019, PLS underwent a rebranding and launched into a new era of excellence as IQpack with a sophisticated model and advanced customer solutions. 

 In 2020 IQpack introduced packchain, a cloud-based software. The initial BETA rollout to IQpack accounts provided a reliable testing method for customers and clients to maximize efficiency and minimize costs in the supply chain process, focusing on reducing shipping costs through packaging. 

 In October 2021, IQpack moved into expansive offices in Jeffersonville on the first and second floors of 300 Missouri Avenue, allowing the company to continue software development and support packaging projects.  

In January 2022, packchain officially launched as a trademarked product. In July 2022, it was incorporated as a stand-alone SaaS business. The software is now available through a monthly subscription with full customer support. 

 A powerful and impactful model has developed; the unique combination of packchain SaaS and IQpack’s experience using packaging to solve complex problems in the areas of materials, throughput, shipping costs and sustainability.