What We Do

What We Do

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Packaging Expertise. 

Our team is knowledgeable in e-commerce, service & spare parts, 3PL and cabinetry. We advise on the most suitable packaging options because we are neutral and impartial to the solutions.  Ultimately, we use packaging and packchain software to dramatically reduce your shipping costs. 


We consult across a broad range of packaging-related opportunities. We provide guidance on materials reduction, throughput, shipping costs, damage reduction, sustainability, and more. Examining freight spending through a packaging lens often brings significant savings opportunities.  

 Manage Customer Packaging Supply Chains. 

IQpack ensures proper sourcing of your pack materials, costing, and manages specifications and inventory. We track usage, stock levels and alerts on low stock to prevent any delays. Our team provides packaging visibility E2E from sourcing to shipping your finished packs. 

 Proprietary Packchain Software. 

Accurate data leads to better packaging decisions and greater positive outcomes. Packchain receives data from automated packaging machinery, WMS, ERP, TMS, shipping portals, and virtually any other sources imaginable. It utilizes IoT and advanced algorithms to analyze the cost and use of all pack materials, measures labor/throughput, and helps you understand the packaging impact on parcel and LTL transportation spend. 

 E2E Approach & Program Management. 

You will get to know your operations better by collecting data in real-time and analyzing material cost and usage, throughput rates, and running advanced algorithms on transportation data. An IQpack Analyst and a Customer Care Manager will lead a virtual meeting with your team on a regular basis. Packchain is a great collaborative platform to manage and measure continuous improvement initiatives. This E2E approach provides better visibility across your packaging operations through transportation. 

 Dimensionalization of Freight. 

IQpack focuses on reducing dimensional and package accessorial costs, and ensures that the carriers are not overcharging you based on the size (cube) of your packages or LTL loads. We create and manage a “digital fingerprint” of your packages with highly accurate dimensions and weights. This provides you with Source of Truth data that is irrefutable. Residing in the cloud, packchain can manage terabytes of information at high speed, with algorithms that data mine and generate KPIs. Every customer is unique, but sustained shipping savings consistently fall in the 5% to 25% range.  


We are experts in packaging and dimensioning equipment and are neutral and impartial regarding the solution. We may even help you get more out of your legacy systems. Simple Packchain integrations provide greater visibility and drive better decisions in your packaging operations. 

 Great Partner Relationships. 

We have strong global relationships in Packaging Materials, Automation, On-Demand Packaging, Packaging Distribution, Integration, Transportation Auditing & Consulting, and Supply Chain Consulting. Along with our seasoned team of packaging professionals, we come prepared for any engagement.