Packaging as a Service

Packaging as a Service

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Packaging as a Service

Packaging optimization is the most powerful tool for impacting the total cost of supply chain. Packaging as a Service is a comprehensive approach to managing these most critical operational cost centers: packaging material, labor, and transportation. IQpack deploys a seasoned solutions team with packaging, operations and transportation experts who design an end-to-end solution to reduce overall cost, improve efficiency, and increase customer satisfaction.

Organizational Change Management

 An unspoken rule in disciplined organizations is that focused managers stay in their own lanes. Maintaining lane discipline while working cross functionally requires enterprise visibility to key metrics by operational group. IQpack uses a unique software technology called PackChain that allows senior managers to agree to metrics across the operation pulled into a dashboard on a regular cadence. In addition to standard period-versus-period comparisons, PackChain dashboards give insight into competitive performance via a unique industry baseline metric called the IQscore. The IQscore allows the operation to level up to industry standards, raising the bar on performance.

Real-time analytics

How much air did you ship this week? How does the box spend compare to the index price of paper? Is your labor efficiency acceptable or is it time to consider automation? If so, what is the best automation solution for your application?

Is your parcel carrier overcharging you for dimensional weight? (We’re betting they are). How are box sizes affecting transportation cost?

Working with your team, IQpack solutions experts provide analytics to determine your current performance, provide prescriptive solutions, and cement changes via the unique PackChain software technology that gives real-time analytics going forward.

Collaborative Partnerships

IQpack has a wide network of partnerships with packaging material suppliers and packaging automation manufacturers, allowing for a neutral and impartial approach to selecting the ideal combination of packaging and technology for one-size-fits-one solutions. An important part of the IQpack Packaging as a Service model is our unique PackChain technology that gives key partners a view into inventories, supply chain performance, and machine statistics. Collaborative visibility allows partners to help maintain adequate safety stocks and send preventative maintenance alerts at intervals recommended by the manufacturer. Additionally, the IQpack software platform facilitates remote diagnostics and break/fix capabilities.

System Design and Integration

IQpack engineers design manual and automated packaging systems that integrate with upstream technology. Our design services include capacity planning, flow and operations strategy, machinery and substrate selection and controls engineering.

IQpack turnkey solutions include project management, system design, system engineering, mechanical and electrical installation, commissioning, training and go-live support.

IQpack collaborative partnerships guarantee that the right expert is on the job. Our unbiased and objective approach to recommending technology solutions allows us to evaluate any technology or OEM partners that are of interest to our clients.

Technology is not the optimal solution to every problem. IQpack can design and implement manual systems as well as hybrid solutions.


The IQpack team addresses inefficiencies throughout 100% your supply chain by improving, and tracking operational costs in these key areas: materials, labor, transportation, and sustainability.

Features of Packaging-as-a-Service


Supply chain optimization begins and ends with packaging – it is the single component that threads through your entire supply chain. However, on average materials account for about 9% of total supply chain costs. Packaging has a drastic impact on labor, transportation and sustainability costs. For that reason, packaging optimization is vital to lean operations and agile supply chains.

The Packaging as a Service model drives measurable and sustainable improvements for cost and service to support your overall purchasing and operational objectives.

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Key Services Provided

  • Packaging Design and Optimization
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Materials Specification
  • Storage and Handling Improvement


Labor availability and turnover are ongoing challenges. On average labor is 20% of total supply chain costs.  IQpack works with your team to design manual and automated solutions.  The approach is neutral and impartial as to levels of automation and specific OEMs.

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Key Services Provided

  • Packaging Automation
  • System Design
  • Manual Packaging Solutions


On average, transportation is the largest logistical cost component, accounting for about 60% of total supply chain costs.

By effectively right-sizing and optimizing packaging for transportation, we attack non-productive costs such as dimensional weight, oversized packages, and accessorial charges. Most importantly, ensuring your package remains undamaged during transit is paramount for a quality customer experience.

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Key Services Provided

  • Packaging Right-sizing
  • Transportation Cube Optimization
  • Damage Reduction


Packaging optimization is the most powerful tool for impacting CO2 emissions from raw material production through to transportation. PackChain SaaS technology compares the overall system performance to industry standards using the unique IQscore for sustainability. PackChain estimates carbon footprint, raw material consumption in tons by commodity group and tracks environmental performance over time.

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Key Services Provided

  • Reduce Carbon Footprint
  • Reduce Raw Material
  • Track Environmental Performance