PackChain SaaS Technology

Implemented by IQpack, the game-changing software application PackChain gives operational insight into how the packaging solutions, labor resources, and transportation management are performing on a regular cadence. PackChain integrates directly with internal data sources such as enterprise software systems, packaging machinery, dimensional/weight systems, and outside data sources such as carrier rate tables and invoicing data.

Business Intelligence

Senior managers choose the metrics most important to them, and PackChain calculates objective performance metrics regularly and publishes them in a dashboard format to managers. PackChain has a collaborative dashboard platform that shows the interdependencies of packaging, labor, and transportation to manage enterprise-level solutions in an intelligent ongoing way.

IQpack has unique insights into the performance of fulfillment and distribution operations across North America. PackChain software uses intelligence to rate a facility’s performance by comparing key performance indicators to industry standards, using a powerful metric called IQscore. The IQscore allows operations managers to level up to the industry standards from the very beginning, raising the bar on performance, so they can move forward instead of comparing their new improved system to a flawed historical one.


The PackChain inventory master stores detailed packaging specifications and uses barcode scanners to update inventory via cycle counting quickly. Purchasing utilities include RFQ and purchase order management streamlining manual systems. Other utilities facilitate freight invoice auditing, packaging vendor management, carrier management, and many other functions.

PackChain SaaS combined with precision measuring technology can provide the deadly accurate volumetric data needed to optimize packaging sizes and spot costly dimensional weight errors and excessive accessorial charges on transportation invoices. Data is available in real-time so that problems can be solved immediately.


Packaging optimization is the most powerful tool for impacting CO2 emissions from raw material production through to transportation. PackChain SaaS technology compares the overall system performance to industry standards using the unique IQscore for sustainability. PackChain estimates carbon footprint, raw material consumption in tons by commodity group and tracks environmental performance over time.


PackChain SaaS is configured for your operation. During the blueprinting and implementation phases, menu items that are not relevant to your current operation are moved to the background so utilities and dashboards can be accessed without clutter.

PackChain software integration pulls data, using straightforward XML file transfers, from enterprise software and machine PLC’s, and maps it to a SQL database.  Data tables are viewable and can be downloaded in Excel format when deep-dive analysis is needed. It is generally not necessary to integrate behind the domain and PackChain data is stored on an Azure cloud protected by Microsoft Defender technology.

Find savings and service opportunities across your supply chain through packaging optimization.