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A web-based software application, packchain is a collaborative platform for visualizing operations data related to packaging materials, packaging throughput, transportation, and sustainability. Supported by a dedicated analyst, packchain gives you a front door into a big-data application capable of monitoring packaging and transportation data. With up to 100 terabytes of processing capacity, packchain collects data from automated systems, WMS, and transportation invoices to create a clear picture of how the end-to-end system is performing and how packaging decisions are impacting transportation cost.

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If I buy into your packaging automation solution, where will you be after go-live?

With you, forever.  Using packchain software as the technology backbone, IQpack will integrate a data management system directly into machine control systems, collecting real-time data on the performance of every pack line, and the supply chain status of consumables. Transportation data is uploaded continually, at the order level, using big-data analytics to tie the packaging strategy into the transportation cost management strategy. Using packchain as a collaborative platform, a dedicated IQpack analyst will lead a monthly status meeting with your operations team reviewing the previous 30 days results, helping to interpret data, and supporting initiatives to fine-tune processes and keep the systems running optimally.

Packaging consumables are automatically replenished, and packaging cost performance is analyzed at the commodity level so that you know, without a doubt, that your pricing is competitive, inventory levels are appropriate, and supply chain risk is minimized. In addition, we’ll let you know when preventative maintenance is due, and provide service resources and spare parts.

Big transportation spends require big data management. Analyzing transportation cost requires access to the raw invoice from your carrier.  The raw invoice is a massive file – intentionally designed to be unmanageable – so that it cannot be thoroughly analyzed in spreadsheets or in many transportation management systems. An instance of packchain, dedicated to your business, has 100 terabytes of capacity, and the processing power to run advanced analytics on the raw invoice in a matter of minutes. Your transportation management team and freight auditor will have a front door into the software, and using an intuitive user interface, they can run their own inquiries and deep dive into transportation cost at the order level. 

Level-up and monitor supply chain performance with a single metric — the packchain IQscore. Data trends will indicate continuous improvement, but the IQscore compares your performance to industry standards, or industry best-in-class if you prefer. Based on a median score of 100, the IQscore is a composite metric for performance across the supply chain, and for the individual data modules: Materials, Throughput, Transportation, and Sustainability.

Accurate Supply Chain Data starts with accurate item master dimensions and weights.  Packchain, in concert with a technology bundle, can help dial-in the dimensional weight data in your product item master. Precision in the item master is critical for cartonization, order management, and warehouse management.

There is no license to purchase. A user agreement is provided with every IQpack engagement provided we manage your packaging materials supply chain.

Packchain software licensing is available to end customers, packaging distributors, and packaging equipment OEMs. Click here to start the discussion now.

Find savings and service opportunities across your supply chain through packaging optimization.