Smarter supply chain solutions.

Find savings and service opportunities across your supply chain through packaging optimization.


Packaging-as-a-Service (PaaS) is our unique performance-based operating model. Anchored in industry-leading packaging and data analytics solutions, this model drives positive impacts across your total cost of supply chain.

Agnostic Approach to Packaging Optimization

Lean, agile supply chains begin and end with packaging optimization. You’ll discover we aren’t married to any particular packaging material or pack automation solution. Through our agnostic position, we will guide you toward intelligent pack solutions for optimal impact on materials, labor, transportation, and sustainability costs.

Supply Chain Analytics

Take the subjectivity out of supply chain management with our PACKCHAIN data analytics tools. These powerful tools deliver key operational assessments, on-going solution management, and operational dashboards for performance tracking throughout the packaging optimization process.

Performance-Based Model

Being performance-based, you only pay for the positive impact our packaging optimization services have on your key performance metrics. Our Packaging-as-a-Service model removes siloed impacts of the packaging industry and the cost-prohibitive fees that characterize supply chain consulting firms.

Total Supply Chain Visibility

Discover how we use packaging to positively influence 100% of your supply chain.

Supply Chain Cost Breakdown


Performance Highlights

From e-commerce and manufacturing to aftermarket service parts, we have helped a variety of companies realize increased profitability through packaging optimization. Each client required uniquely tailored solutions to their complex supply chain issues.



Aftermarket Parts

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About IQpack

Headquartered in New Albany, Indiana, IQpack is located in the Purdue University Technology Center.