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Get & Maintain Accurate Package Dimensions for Parcel & LTL

Start Saving Now

Shipping Charge Corrections. Carriers use carrots & sticks. They will fine you if the pack sizes on your manifest are not accurate. It is a capacity constraint for carriers and bad data leads to bad planning. These penalty charges could be 10% of your total outbound transportation spend, or more. They reward you for accurate data.

Rate Shopping. Garbage in, garbage out. Incorrect package sizes will not allow you to optimize rate shopping and have the lowest cost option in shipping.

Billed Weight Opportunity. Because you may be shipping the wrong mode, your billed (or dimensional) weight could move higher. This will tack on additional charges to your total shipping spend.

Loss & Damage. Get images of your packaging and incorporate them into your order data, along with accurate package dimensions. You will be able to prove what left your facility, and the shape it was in. Your cost on loss and damage will drop.

Administrative Time. Accurate package and load data from the shipper before pickup is a game changer for everyone. It does so many positive things that help all parties, from optimizing pickup and linehaul to reducing invoice and payment friction. Your freight analysts will become much more productive.

Challenge and Win Size Discrepancies. Establish irrefutable “Source of Truth” data. Focus on legal for trade dimensioning systems for your packages. And you will be running at slower speeds in a more controlled environment than your carriers. Their scales to measure weight are typically super accurate. Their dimensioning systems are not; it is “the wild, wild west” of logistics, and you are paying by the cube.

Advance Your Opportunities Even Further

Now that you are on a stable foundation of data, you can venture out and further optimize your packaging. Upstream, get deadly accurate dims on the products you are shipping. This will make your cartonization software more accurate and you will ship less air. Accurate item master data can also maximize efficiencies with on-demand packaging systems downstream. In the dimensionalization of freight, less air = lower shipping costs. The number one item shipped in the U.S. by volume is air!

Customer Experience

Greater sustainability, smaller packs, less fillers, speed of delivery, and lower shipping costs will drive a better customer experience.