Cost Inflation and the Shipping Bubble – How To Come Out on Top

Cost Inflation and the Shipping Bubble – How To Come Out on Top

Thanks to a shipping bubble and large-scale cost inflation, now is the ideal moment to optimize your packaging, shipping, labor, transportation, and warehouse.


The simple answer: it’s always wise to optimize, drive efficiencies, and deliver cost savings with a good partner.

Learn from the Trucking Recession

The demand for goods exploded as the economy recovered and expanded following the Great Recession. A record strong recovery happened on the back of the 2015 trucking recession, which was characterized by layoffs and idle equipment.

But the opposite is now the case.

Record-high demand for goods and shipping has driven demand for vehicles and drivers sky high. That, along with rising fuel costs, initiates general rate increases and higher dimensional charges.

All of this makes optimizing your packaging more vitally important to the health of your organization than ever before. Rightsized packages translate directly to lower transportation spend and higher profits.

Get Ahead of Cost Inflation – and the Competition

Don’t be fooled by flatbed demand charts. The most accurate indicator is the Cass Freight Expenditures chart, which indicates that spending on shipping is still at an all-time high. And you know that prices won’t come down for quite a while after the true peak is found.

But don’t get complacent. Now is the time for action.

Do you want to keep paying higher prices to ship air?

Wouldn’t you rather trim the fat now and drive higher returns while the market is hot?

Not only does it make good business sense now, but it will also help make you much more recession-proof for the next market downturn.

Seize Initiative for Change

Packaging, logistics, e-commerce, 3PL — these all tend to be boom and bust areas of business. But there is one thing that never goes out of fashion — a more efficient operation.

Seize the moment now, while initiative is high in your organization to outcompete your rivals. It will make you look like a genius when times get hard, as they always do, and you have already invested the small amount of time and resources needed to make it to the next boom cycle.

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