On-Demand Suspension Pack

On-Demand Suspension Pack

The Case of the Busted Cabinet Doors

A cabinet manufacturer facing $1 million in damages on door replacements turns to IQpack for a robust, measurable, and sustainable packaging solution.

The Problem

While business was booming, unfortunately, so were damages. The company had been using the “industry standard packaging” approach of wrapping the doors in foam, placing them on die-cut corrugated inserts, securing them with straps and placing them inside different size corrugated shipping containers. The company often had to send the orders out multiple times to get good products to their customers. In addition, their labor rate was high and pack productivity was needed.

pieces of packing for a cabinet door

The Solution

IQpack took the challenge to find the right packaging solution, help establish a clean baseline and then measure its impact across the operation and supply chain in materials, labor, shipping, and quality (damage). As a material-neutral supplier, IQpack focused on different solutions, then zeroed in on the Pregis on-demand AirSpeed Chamberpak, which features a series of durable, inflatable tubes that provide corner protection forming a suspension pack that fits perfectly inside a Packsize on-demand carton with zero cap x providing immediate ROI.

item with bubble wrapped corners and an open box

The Outcome

The IQpack solution passed rigorous ISTA lab and field testing with over 70% damage reduction. Labor productivity increased by almost 25% and materials purchasing & handling was improved with a 73% reduction in SKUs.

Transportation spend is lower because fewer shipments are required to get undamaged product to their customers. There is a 12% reduction in total supply chain cost with other improvements slated for subsequent months. The pack is also easier to open and use onsite before and during install to keep the product safe.

Damage Reduction 70%
Productivity Increased 25%
SKUs Reduced 73%
Total Supply Chain Cost Down 12%


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