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Why Zero-Air Packaging is a Megatrend

UPS/FXG are at capacity – For decades, the two major carriers have been scrambling to modernize outdated sortation hubs with ultra-high-speed sorters and automated induction systems. After huge investments in increasing capacity, the results have been disappointing. Sorting packages with less human intervention has saved labor and increased accuracy, but systems are operating at half … Continue reading “Why Zero-Air Packaging is a Megatrend”

Why You May Need a Dimensionalization Strategy

PARCEL FREIGHT CARRIERS, LIKE UPS AND FEDEX, may price their product by the pound, but they are charging you based on cubic volume. The “billed weight” on your invoice has little to do with weight and everything to do with cubes. The transportation trade journals refer to this as the “dimensionalization” of freight. It is … Continue reading “Why You May Need a Dimensionalization Strategy”

Mission Critical Packaging Systems

THREE MEGATRENDS FOR TECHNOLOGY SERVICE PARTS DISTRIBUTION IN 2022: ZERO-AIR IS THE NEW PACKAGING STANDARD. FedEx and UPS will continue to use confiscatory penalty costs to punish their largest shippers for failing to right-size packaging. Parcel carriers measure their capacity in cubic volume so incentivizing smaller packages increases their shipping capacity without deploying capital. PETRO-BASED … Continue reading “Mission Critical Packaging Systems”

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